About the Club

The club was founded in 2006 by Alan Deneka and initially made up of Rolls Royce and Airbus employees, hence the name AvonJets. The club grew and in 2009 a Junior Club was launched. Since then the club has been going strong and continues to provide a friendly environment to get together and play badminton!

We are affiliated with the Avon badminton association

How it works


During the club nights we play doubles matches. On quieter nights (usually summer season) it's possible to use a court for singles matches.

We use a pegboard system to keep the games flowing. The top row represents the games in progress on the four courts. The bottom row represents the queue of players awaiting their next game.

Occassionally we'll use an alternative system of Winners and Losers. This can be brought in to mix up the players or if there are more players than usual that evening.

Feather shuttlecocks


Shuttlecocks are one of the main expenses for the club. As you can imagine we get through quite a few! Please be sparing with new shuttles and use the older "knockers" for knocking up. When you leave a court remember to bring back any "finished" shuttles.

Club members are welcome to use the changing rooms but please note that we do not have permission to use the showers.

Packing up at the end of the evening is everybody's responsibility. Separate the reusable shuttles into tubes of "knockers" and throw away the finished ones. Put everything back in the box and the box in the cupboard.

Be aware when walking by the court of an in-progress game.